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The American Jury Trial is a Constitutional Right

The founding fathers believed that the right to be tried by a jury of your peers was so important that it was included in the Constitution. All persons accused of a crime or involved in a civil dispute have a constitutional right to have a jury decide their cases.

Many countries do not have jury trials. It is one of the things that make us unique as a country.

The jury trial is a vital part of America’s system of checks and balances. Checks and balances means that the judicial branch of government is equal to the other two branches (executive and legislative) and the courts can overturn laws or acts of government that violate constitutional rights. Our system of checks and balances requires a strong judicial branch. A strong judicial branch requires a healthy jury trial option.

Jury trials provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in the judicial process. Jury trials give citizens on the jury the power to make a decision on the case.

People who serve on juries routinely have a greater respect for the system when they leave. Serving on a jury gives insight into the justice system and their communities. It is understandable that citizens may be apprehensive about being called for jury duty. They may fear that their time will be wasted or that the experience will be negative. Court officials are careful to treat jurors courteously and professionally. They know how important jurors are to achieving fair and just results for those who come before the court. Most jurors find that the experience is positive.

Jurors listen to testimony, review evidence, and render decisions in civil and criminal trials. The jury decides the facts of a case in accordance with principles of the law as explained by the Judge. Jury service is one the highest duties of American citizenship. To assure this right is afforded to all individuals, it is necessary for people in the community to be summoned to serve as jurors. Serving on a jury is one of the most important things a citizen can do to guarantee that the justice system remains in the hands of the people.

For more information, please go to our website and read about the juror process, compensation, excusal, or deferment, reporting instructions, additional resources, and videos. The summons provides important information so please be sure to read the entire summons, should you receive one. From our home page you can click on the Jury Duty button to access this information. You can click on this link to access the same information. Jury Service – Collier Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller.