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2024 Operation Green Light Results

We successfully held our annual Operation Green Light (OGL) event from April 17-18, 2024, at the Government Center. This program is an effort to help drivers with suspended licenses or outstanding fines to get back on the road.

This year, we worked with 49 defendants from 90 cases and collected a total of $11,924.31 after the 2-day event. Of the $11,924.31, only $7,136.20 counts as revenue for the Collier County Courthouse while the rest is remitted to the State.

While there is revenue obtained from this project, the manpower and resources that it takes to host this comes at a cost that is paid from the revenue collected. This, along with the funds we’re required to submit to the State, generally means that the revenue falls short compared to the time and effort utilized. I hope we can improve the current system for future OGL events.

The graph below shows the comparison of results from previous OGL events. It is interesting to see that the 2022/2023 events had gross receipts higher than this year despite the relatively similar number of cases and defendants. This is due to the higher number of cases paid in full from the 2022 (46 cases) and 2023 (59 cases) events compared to this year’s 30 cases.

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