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Mental Health

Collier County Clerk of the Circuit Court
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Baker Act

What Is A Baker Act?

A Baker Act petition is filed by anyone with firsthand knowledge of behaviors by an individual that are making this person a threat to themselves or someone else because of his/her mental illness.

What Is The Purpose?

Filing for a Baker Act order is a means of providing individuals with emergency services for mental health and treatment if required. An Ex Parte Baker Act is for involuntary examination of an individual.

This petition cannot be filed to extend the stay of someone that is already under a Baker Act order. This petition is NOT for substance abuse issues.

Baker Hearings

There will be no hearing. The Court will enter an order either granting, or denying, based solely on the information provided by the Petitioner.

Requirements To File

You must provide the court with sworn written testimony that meets the criteria set forth by Florida law. By completing the petition, you are requesting the court for an order for the person to be involuntarily transported and examined at a designated mental health facility.

Anyone who has observed the behavior may complete a petition describing the actions of the person that cause them to think that there is a substantial likelihood that he or she will cause bodily harm to himself or herself or to others, or will suffer from neglect or refuse to care for himself or herself, posing a threat to his or her well being.

Petitioner must show photo identification and Respondent must be in Collier County.