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Collier County Clerk of the Circuit Court
Office of Inspector General
3315 Tamiami Trail East, Ste. 316
Naples, FL 34112
Phone: (239) 252-8412
Email: Inspector General

Mailing Address
Collier County Clerk of the Circuit Court
Office of Inspector General
3315 Tamiami Trail East, Ste. 102
Naples, FL 34112-5324




What Prompts an Investigation?

An investigation is normally initiated when a complaint or allegation is received by our Confidential Hotline (phone or email), letter, our local phone line or in-person.  The Investigative Section conducts administrative investigations into BCC and Clerk affairs as necessary.


The objective of an investigation is to determine whether allegations of fraud, waste, abuse and ethical misconduct can be substantiated. Projects that uncover administrative wrongdoing typically identify violations of law, policy or regulations. They also identify the individuals responsible for the violations and make recommendations for action.

The investigation disposition falls into one of three categories:

  1. Substantiated: There is sufficient evidence to justify a reasonable conclusion that the allegation is true.
  2. Unsubstantiated: There is insufficient evidence to either prove or disprove the allegation.
  3. Unfounded: The allegation proved to be false or there is no credible evidence to support the allegation.

Equally important to the investigative process is the identification of:

  • Internal control weaknesses
  • Contracting irregularities
  • Other issues that place County government at risk for liability, fraud, waste, and abuse.

Therefore, the investigative reports frequently make specific recommendations to:

  • Correct the identified deficiencies
  • Provide guidance on the applicable laws and regulations
  • Suggest employee training where appropriate.

When investigative findings suggest signs of criminal conduct, they are presented to the appropriate law enforcement authorities for further action.

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