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Collier County Clerk of the Circuit Court
Traffic Department
3315 Tamiami Trail East, Ste. 102
Naples, FL 34112-5324
Phone: (239) 252-2646
Email: Traffic


Traffic Violations

The Traffic Department provides information and assistance on all Civil (non-criminal) traffic violations written under Florida Statutes.

Civil infractions are payable offenses that do not carry a jail term. They include speeding tickets, moving violations (such as running a red light and improper passing), non-moving violations (such as failure to carry your driver’s license, and registration expired for less than 4 months), and seat belt violations.

Know Your Options

Read our “Your Options” page to assist you in deciding how to proceed with your citation. The Clerk’s office must receive your option with payment, if applicable, within 30 calendar days of the date that the officer issued the citation. Once you have chosen an option you cannot change your mind and choose another option.

Traffic School

To find a course, search the internet for a FL approved traffic school or visit our Resources page for a quick link. 

Proof of Insurance, Driver License, Registration/Traffic School Certificates

To provide this documentation to the Clerk of Courts, you can send via US mail to 3315 E. Tamiami Trail, Naples, FL 34112 attention Traffic. You may also provide documentation in person or you may e-file. Email is NOT an option.

Driver License Reinstatement

If your driver’s license has been suspended as a result of non-compliance with a violation in Collier County, the Clerk’s office can reinstate your driver’s license for a fee providing the Collier County suspension is the only open suspension on your driver license record.

Driver License Print-Out

You may purchase a 3-year or full driver’s license record print-out from the Clerk’s office for a fee.

Out-Of-County School Affidavit

You must pay the traffic penalty in the county where you received the citation. If you require an affidavit to elect a traffic course for a citation that you received in another county, you can get one at the Clerk’s Office. You may attend traffic school anywhere in Florida or take an online traffic course, but you must submit an affidavit, payment, and certificate to the county where the citation was issued.