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Bids, Proposals, and RFI’s

Active Solicitations
Document No.
2023-003 Purchase – NetApp Support Active

Expired Solicitations    
Document No.
2023-002 Purchase – NetApp Support Cancelled
2023-001 Purchase – Fortinet Support Awarded
2022-005 CrowdStrike Awarded
2022-004 CrowdStrike Cancelled
2022-003 Renewal – VMware Awarded
2022-002 Dell Memory 288 Awarded
2022-001 Laptops & Docking Stations Awarded
2021-007 Renewal VMware Support and Subscription Awarded
2021-006 Copy Paper: Office, Virgin, Recycled Content and Laser Print Closed
2021-005 NetApp FAS8040A Renewal Awarded
2021-004 Fortinet Forticare Support Awarded
2021-003 Renewal Fortinet Forticare Support Awarded
2021-002 Fortinet Forticare Support Awarded
2021-001 Fortinet Forticare Support Canceled
2020-012 Veeam Annual Renewal Basic Maintenance Awarded
2020-011 Cisco Advanced Malware Protection for Endpoints Awarded
2020-010 Cisco Catalyst Switch Equipment II Awarded
2020-009 Renewal – VMware Support and Subscription Awarded
2020-008 Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager Awarded
2020-007  Cisco Catalyst Switch Equipment Canceled
2020-006 A10 Networks Gold Support Software Renewal Awarded
2020-005 Computer Peripherals Awarded
2020-004 Net App A700 Expansion Awarded
2020-002 Transcription Services Awarded
2020-001 Fortinet Firewall / Transceivers Bundle Renewal Awarded
2019-013 ManageEngine Application Manager Enterprise License Agreement Awarded
2019-012 NetApp C190 Project Awarded
2019-011 Adobe Value Incentive Plan Agreement Awarded
2019-010 Fiber Channel Switch Awarded
2019-009 Office Supplies and Printer Toner Awarded
2019-008 VMware Renewal Awarded
2019-007 Cisco Advanced Malware Subscription Renewal Awarded
2019-006 Veaam Basic Maintenance Renewal Awarded
2019-005 Load Balancer Gold Support Renewal Awarded
2019-004 Hewlett Packard Tape Library Awarded
2019-003  Records Management Awarded
2019-002  FORTINET:  One (1) Year 24/7 Support Package Awarded 
2019-001 FORTINET:  Three (3) Year 24/7 Support Package Canceled
2018-014 Adobe Acrobat Subscription Awarded
2018-013 Hewlett Packard Tape Library Awarded
2018-012 Panasonic Scanners Awarded
2018-011 Laptops and Accessories Awarded
2018-010 Kodak Archive Writer Maintenance Canceled
2018-009 Veeam Basic Maintenance Renewal Awarded
2018-008 Cisco Advanced Malware Subscription Awarded
2018-007 Exagrid Maintenance & Support Awarded
2018-006 VMware Renewal Awarded
2018-005 Network Security Assessment Awarded
2018-004 Cisco Network Equipment Awarded
2018-003  Load Balancer Support Renewal Awarded 
2018-002 SAP Consulting Services Awarded
2018-001 Electronic Payment Processing Services Awarded
2017-020 Cisco Switch Edge Project Awarded
2017-019 Dell Servers Awarded
2017-018 Fortinet Bundle Awarded
2017-017 Network Cards & Cables Awarded
2017-016 Nexus 7706C Core Refresh Awarded
2017-015 Fortinet Hardware & Support Awarded
2017-014 Exagrid Maintenance & Support Awarded
2017-013 Laserfiche Software Assurance Renewal Awarded
2017-012 Cisco Advanced Malware Subscription Awarded
2017-011 Veeam Basic Maintenance Renewal Awarded
2017-010 VMware Renewal Awarded
2017-009 Network Cards & Cables Awarded
2017-008 Flexera Corporate Software Inspector Awarded
2017-007 Network Cards & Cables Canceled
2017-006 Computer Equipment Awarded
2017-005 Scanners Awarded
2017-004 A10 Networks Load Balancer Support Awarded
2017-003 A10 Networks Load Balancer Support Canceled
2017-002 Cisco 6509e Switch Maintenance Awarded
2017-001 Net App Awarded
2016-015 Veeam Backup Software Awarded
2016-014 Enterprise Antivirus Solution Awarded
2016-013 Canon Projectors Canceled
2016-012 Dell Server Awarded
2016-011 Net App Awarded
2016-010 Laserfiche Software Assurance Renewal Awarded
2016-009 Cisco Switch Awarded
2016-008 SAP System Copy Automation Software Awarded
2016-007 VMWare Enterprise Renewals Awarded
2016-006 Microfilm Supplies Canceled
2016-005 Microfilm Equipment Maintenance Canceled
2016-004 Printer Toner Awarded
2016-003 Office Supplies Awarded
2016-002 Kodak i9620 Archive Writer Support Awarded
2016-001 Smartnet Cisco 6509 Core Switch Maintenance Renewal Awarded
2015-016 HP Switches, Parts & Support Awarded
2015-015 Net App Equipment & Support Awarded
2015-014 Fortinet Hardware & Support Awarded
2015-013 Network Security Assessment Awarded
2015-011 Dell Solid State Drives Awarded
2015-010 Laserfiche Software Assurance Renewal Closed
2015-009 Kodak i9620 Archive Writer Support Awarded
2015-008 Servers Awarded
2015-007 Servers Rejected
2015-006 Net App Expansion Awarded
2015-004-2 Smartnet-Cisco 6509 Core Switches Renewal Awarded
2015-003 VMware Enterprise Subscription & Support Renewals Awarded
2015-002 Transcription Services Awarded
2015-001-1 Microfilm Image Conversion & Indexing Closed
2015-001 Annual Fortinet Maint. Contract Renewal Awarded
2014-018 Microfilm Reader/Printer Supplies Awarded
2014-017 Printer Supplies Awarded
2014-016 Microfilm Reader/Printer Svc. & Mtc. Awarded
2014-015 Kodak i9620 Archive Writer Support Canceled
2014-014 Printer Service & Maintenance Awarded
2014-013 Digital Persona F/P Readers, Etc. Canceled
2014-012 Laserfiche Software Assurance Renewal Awarded
2014-011 HP Switch Awarded
2014-010 Secunia CSI 7 Standard Software Awarded
2014-009 NetApp Disk/Shelf Upgrade Canceled
2014-008 Network Auditing Software Awarded
2014-007 VMware Enterprise & Support Renewal Awarded
2014-006 Exagrid Data Protection System Awarded
2014-005 Office Supplies Awarded
2014-002 Transcription Services Canceled
2014-001 Banking Services Awarded

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