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Keith Aversa
Director of Human Resources
Administration Department

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Human Resources

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General Information

Human Resources is responsible for all matters relating to staffing and organizational matters within the Clerk’s Office. Specific activities include the coordination of the recruitment and selection process for vacant positions, providing interpretation of the Personnel Rules and Regulations, assisting in the resolution of work-related complaints, administering the employee performance appraisal program, conducting supervisory and management training, managing the Clerk’s compensation and position classification programs, and performing special research projects.

Current Job Opportunities

Applications are being accepted for positions in the Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Office. To view current job opportunities click on “Search Jobs” tab above.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is an Equal Opportunity Employer that offers competitive wages and an excellent benefits program. It is the policy of the Clerk to ensure all employment policies and practices are administered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, marital or veteran’s status.





  • We offer great medical, dental, and vision benefits at a premium to all full-time employees
  • Free onsite clinic
  • One of the first ones to receive the COVID vaccine

Flexible Spending Account

Want to save on taxes? A Flexible Spending Account lets employees pay for many out-of-pocket medical expenses with tax-free dollars. Employees specify how much money to be automatically deposit into the flexible spending amount(maximum annual election $2,750). Qualifying expenses such as doctor’s visits, fill prescription, etc. can be charge to a flex card. This is a great way to save on taxes for health expenses.


Family and Medical Leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) may be able to help when you or a loved one experiences a serious health condition. Whether you are unable to work because of your own serious health condition, or because you need to care for your parent, spouse, or child with a serious health condition, the FMLA provides unpaid, job-protected leave. Leave may be taken all at once or may be taken intermittently as the medical condition requires. This Act will allow you take up to 12 weeks and would be able to return to work to the same or nearly identical job.


Short-term Long-term disability available at no cost

It’s hard to imagine becoming disabled, and harder still to image a disability lasting longer than a few weeks. Life can be unpredictable and in some cases serious disabilities can last years or even a lifetime. Disability insurance pays a portion of your salary if you miss time at work because of a disabling injury or illness. Full-time employees automatically receive short term and long-term disability coverage at 40% of their monthly income(a buy up option is available).


Life insurance-double the annual salary provided at no cost

Life insurance is a gift of love. Full-time employees are offered a provided basic life and accidental death and dismemberment coverage of two times their annual salary at no cost. While nothing can replace YOU, knowing that your loved ones will be okay financially can give a peace of mind(additional coverage can be purchase to a maximum of $500,000).


24/7 Fitness center on site

For less than $9 dollars month employees and their family members not only get to join our onsite 24/7 Fitness Center. They are also able to register for classes at no additional charge. We offer employees classes such as Pilates, yoga, Zumba, etc. But there is more! Qualified employees are able to earn $75 Healthy Bucks for attending 12 of 16 sessions. But if our onsite facility is not convenience enough! Employees are able to attend Collier County Community Park fitness facilities and the classes they offer at no additional cost(classes vary by location).


FREE Emotional Wellness Program

View link here for more information.



Florida Retirement System-Investment and Pension Plan are available

We help employees All full-time and part-time employees are enrolled in the Florida Retirement System (FRS). Employees contribute 3% of their salary on a pre-tax basis to the retirement plan. There are 2 retirement plan options available:

  • Option #1 – Investment Plan

Once you complete one year of service, you own all contributions and earnings in your Investment Plan account. If you leave FRS employment prior to meeting the vesting requirements, you own only your employee contributions and any earnings on those contributions

  • Option #2 – Pension Plan

Once you complete eight years of service, you qualify for a benefit that is payable when you reach retirement age as defined by the plan. If you leave FRS employment sooner, you own only your employee contributions.

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Tuition Assistance

It is essential to our agency to provide the necessary tools for employees to succeed in their careers. The Tuition Reimbursement Program provides a way for eligible employees to advance, improve or acquire a new set of skills. This program prepared employees for promotions within the departments, advancement across the organization or even for improvement at their current positions. Collier County understands that its employees are its greatest resource, and we invest in YOU!

Employee Discounts

The Cool County Savings Discount Program provides access to a wide variety of consumer products and services at a discounted rate. It ranges from housing to attractions. We know our employees work hard to be the best. This program gives them an opportunity to enjoy a spa day or a night out to a good restaurant at a discounted price.

457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan

A 457(b) plan is an employer-sponsored, tax-deferred retirement savings account. Every employee is eligible to contribute pre-tax dollars from paycheck. Contributions won’t be taxed until withdrawal, usually retirement.

Division Directors are eligible for an annual match up to $1,500.

Assistant Directors and Managers are eligible for an annual match up to $1,000.

Healthy Bucks Program available

The Healthy Bucks Program give eligible employees an opportunity to earn a maximum of $300 healthy bucks in the course of a year. Qualified employees can earn $150 by attending classes, races, and fitness programs. The addition $150 can be earn by meeting Goals . The program covers topics such as nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, money matters, and so on. Healthy Bucks can be used for all out-of-pocket expenses covered under medical, dental, vision, DME and pharmaceutical plan. The healthy bucks can be used to reimburse for those out-of-pocket expenses.

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Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program(PSLF) forgives the remaining balance on Direct Loans after 120 qualifying monthly payments under a qualifying repayment plan while working full-time for our agency.

View link here for more information.

Network of Support

Employee Assistance Program, 24/7

Employee Assistance Program provides professional and confidential services to help employees and family members address a variety of personal, family, life, and work-related issues.

From stress of everyday life to relationship issues or even work-related concerns, the Employee Assistance Program can help with any issue affecting overall health, well-being, and life management. This free confidential counseling can assist you and your loved ones when need it.


Travel Assistance

Travel Assistance provides specific support services while traveling. The program can help employees and their families prepare for trips and during critical situations while away from home. This service helps in finding qualified medical providers, legal services or with the replacement of lost credit cards and passports. Things can happen on the road, but this service give employees a peace of mind that someone will be there to assist when needed.

Time Off

Time Off

We are committed in providing a work-life balance. We don’t only provide paid holidays. Employees also accrue up to 10 days a year for vacation time. Employees also get rewarded for years of service. The longer you are with Clerk’s office the higher number of days you will be accruing.

But there is more! You will automatically receive 1 day each 6 months for personal leave. For those unpredictable sick days’ employees accrue up to 10 sick days annually. We are committed employees have what they need to balance family, finances, and work.


Full-time Employee Benefits Summary

Leave Current Policies Eligibility
Holidays Paid holiday schedule established annually. Holidays normally observed include:
New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Years of Employment Annual Hours Days
1-4 80 10
5-9 120 15
10-19 160 20
20+ 200 25
90 days and as accrued
Sick Leave Employee accrues 12 sick days annually. See Employee Manual for details. Immediately
Personal Leave 1 day every 6 months after completion of the Introductory Period to be used for reasons other than illness. Must be used during the 6-month period and is not carried forward. 90 days
Bereavement Leave Up to a maximum of three (3) workdays for a death in the employee’s immediate family. Immediately
Medical Insurance Eligible employees that are enrolled in the Group Health Plan are eligible for medical coverage. Three options, Basic, Select or Premium plans. Family coverage is available. Premium cost for employee (single) and family coverage based on employee salary. Non-smoker premium discount. Includes prescription drug plan. 1st month after employment date
Disability Insurance Short term and long-term disability plans for employees which provide 40% of basic earnings are provided at no cost to the employee.
The employee can “purchase” a higher level of coverage (66 2/3%) for one or both plans. Premium cost based on employee salary.
1st month after employment date
Dental Insurance Two DPPO dental plans, basic or select option. Basic option pays 50% and select option 80% of covered charges after deductible is met up to annual maximum amount. Additional savings if network providers are utilized. Employee, Employee + 1 or Family coverage is available. 1st month after employment date
Vision Insurance Basic plan for a discounted cost of vision exams, eyeglasses or contact lenses for the employee and dependents at no cost to the employee. Must use certain network providers. Select plan available at a cost. 1st month after employment date
Life Insurance Policy equal to approximately two times annual salary and includes accidental death and dismemberment coverage. No employee cost. 1st month after employment date
Supplemental Insurance Employee may purchase additional life, accidental death and dismemberment coverage for yourself and spouse. 60 day waiting period; after 60 day waiting period has concluded, insurance will be effective 1st of the following month
Medical Flexible Spending Account Eligible employees may contribute up to $2,700 on a pre-tax basis for reimbursement of uncovered medical costs. 1st month after employment date
Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account Eligible employees may contribute up to $5,000 on a pre-tax basis for reimbursement of dependent care expenses. 1st month after employment date
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) FREE confidential counseling and referral service for employees and families. Immediately
Retirement Retirement is paid through the State of Florida Retirement System. Employee contributes 3% of salary as their retirement contribution on a pre-tax basis. There are two plans available by FRS: Defined Pension Plan and the Investment Plan. Vesting schedule varies
Deferred Compensation Tax deferred savings plan available for retirement purposes. Employee pays full cost. Immediately
Cancer, Accident, Hospital, and Intensive Care These plans are available on a pre-tax basis and provided by Aflac, the plans pay cash benefits directly to the participant. Individual and family plans available. These coverage options are voluntary and are in addition to existing medical plans offered by Collier County. 1st month after employment date
Fitness Center Collier County Parks and Recreation’s fitness center membership available at discount price. Immediately

Volunteer Program

The Clerk’s Volunteer Program offers opportunities for citizens of Collier County to provide a valuable service by contributing their skills, knowledge and abilities in serving the public. Volunteers add much needed support to our departments and enhance the quality of services provided by the Clerk’s agency. In addition, our volunteers help save taxpayers money.

Volunteer Opportunities:
There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities with the Clerk’s Office. Examples are listed below.

We have a recurring need for volunteers for various clerical projects. These tasks include filing paperwork, back scanning of court files, sorting, assembling and organizing materials, routing and delivering documents, etc.

We seek individuals who pay attention to details, can work independently, are dependable, have computer skills and can perform the physical aspects of the tasks they are assigned. These could involve standing, bending, stooping, reaching down and above shoulder level for filing. Not all activities involve filing so if someone is able to do sedentary paper work, that greatly benefits us as well.

Other examples of assignments in the Courts, Finance and Administration areas include:

Legal research
Policy and procedure documentation
Technical writing
Financial projects involving accounting and/or auditing

All volunteers are asked to provide a description of their educational background and work history when completing a Volunteer Application as well as other relevant information like a resume. This information is used to determine an appropriate volunteer assignment that will be rewarding to the volunteer as well as meet the Clerk’s business needs.

All volunteer placements are contingent on a satisfactory background check.

Volunteers may contribute as many, or as few, hours as they desire; however, we must have volunteers who are available on a recurring and/or project specific basis during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The number of volunteer hours and specific work schedule is established by mutual agreement.

Volunteers will not receive monetary compensation or participate in the Clerk’s benefit programs. However, volunteers may be eligible for mileage and/or meal reimbursement if they volunteer 4 or more hours per day.

Clerk Forms

Forms Link
Veterans Preference Documentation Requirements Click Here
Veterans Preference Certification Form – FDVA VP-1 Click Here
Veterans Preference Current Member Form – FDVA VP-2 Click Here
Veterans Preference Widow or Widower Form – FDVA VP-3 Click Here
Volunteer Application Click Here