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Moments in Collier County’s 100-year History: What is the significance of July 7th at 2:00 pm?

As one of Collier County’s Centennial celebrations, the Collier County Museum will be hosting an opening of a time capsule on July 7th. Some people might find themselves asking, why on July 7th and not on May 8th, which is the date when Collier County was established?  

May 8, 1923, Collier County was signed into existence by Gov. Hardee with Barron Collier watching. Photo courtesy Collier Museums.

It’s true that it was on May 8, 1923, when Florida Governor Cary A. Hardee signed Senate Bill 149, Chapter 9362, making Collier County the 62nd County in the State of Florida. However, the day when Collier became a fully functional county was when it held its first Board of County Commissioners meeting on July 7, 1923, at 2:00 pm.

Collier County’s first Tax Collector was Charles Miles Collier.
Collier County’s first Sheriff, W.R. Maynard.

This first meeting was held at the Rod and Gun Club in Everglades City and was attended by Board Commissioners George W. Storter, Jack T. Taylor, W. D. Collier, J. M. Barfield, and Adolphus Carson; Clerk of the Circuit Court W. B. Lanier; County Judge, Frank B. Hunter, Jr.; Tax Assessor, D. W. McLeod; Supervisor of Registration, Nellie Storter; Sheriff, W. R. Maynard; and Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mrs. Tommie C. Barfield who were all appointed by Gov. Cary A. Hardee. 

What was on the agenda for the first meeting? George W. Storter was elected as chairman of the board, boundaries were established for the newly elected commissioners, and payment for officers once the county generated its own revenue and acquired enough funds.

There are many interesting facts and historical trivia from the moment the county was officially created until it became the county that we know today. Stay tuned for more stories like this in our monthly newsletter and social media accounts. We’re looking forward to sharing our centennial celebration with our community.