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Called to Service: What should you do when you receive a summons for Jury Service?

US citizens are obligated to appear for jury duty upon receiving a summons from a court via US Mail. As a juror, you are tasked to determine the facts and provide unbiased views on a criminal or civil case based on the pieces of evidence presented during a trial. Jury service is an essential part of our country’s judicial system and democracy while promoting civic participation.

On your day of service, make sure to arrive early in your designated location and dress appropriately. Business or business-casual attires are preferred and bringing sweaters is also highly encouraged. Once you arrived at the courthouse and advanced through the security, you will be given a Juror Qualification Questionnaire that you must accomplish. Afterward, a deputy clerk will take you to the courtroom to begin the jury selection.

For the selection process, you will be asked by the judge and lawyers about your qualifications to serve and your background. If they deemed you unfit to serve on the jury, you will be excused and asked to return to the assembly room. If you got selected as a juror, you will stay in the courtroom and the trial will begin once the required number of jurors has been met.