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Centennial Display Offered in the Courthouse Atrium

We are inviting members of the community to share in our community’s rich history. Our Centennial Committee has incorporated stories, biographies, and infamous cases from Collier County’s 100-year history into a display, which is located in the Collier County Courthouse Atrium from May 8th through July 10th. The atrium is open Monday-to-Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Families, friends, and students can view displays that will include a look through the county’s decades, the History of the Clerks, the History of the courthouses, as well as artifacts and documents from the past 100 years. As part of celebrating this milestone, we hope you will enjoy reading some of the events of each era. Through this display, we hope you willrecognize some of the individuals that have been important to the county’s growth and enjoy some of the notable events that have impacted our past.

As one of Collier County’s Centennial celebrations, the Collier County Museum will be hosting an opening of a time capsule on July 7th. Afterward, we will invite the attendees to come over to the courthouse to look at the displays while enjoying some refreshments. Additional resources, photos, and videos are available online at collierclerk.com/collier-county-centennial.