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Check to See if You Have Unclaimed Money at Our Office!

We have compiled a list of unclaimed monies for the Clerk’s Office, the Board of County Commissioners, and Tax Deed Funds. If you feel that you have outstanding monies due to you, or if you may have forgotten to collect a deposit or cash a check, visit CollierClerk.com and click the “Unclaimed Monies” button to search for your funds. These open balances include jury duty compensation, court fees, and vendor payments that were made but recipients have not claimed or funds returned to our office because the recipient was no longer at the address provided.

We encourage citizens with unclaimed monies to file written claims to recover their money. Claimants must submit sufficient proof of identity by presenting a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo identification and ownership of money through receipts, billings, or other information to support their claims. The BOCC Affidavit or Clerks Affidavit forms for unclaimed monies are available on our website and must be completed.

All monies pertaining to the Board of County Commissioners that remain unclaimed after a required one-year dormancy period will be remitted to the Florida Department of Financial Services, Bureau of Unclaimed Property, and can still be claimed from the state. Monies paid on behalf of the Clerk of the Circuit Court that remain unclaimed before January 1 of the preceding year will be remitted to the State of Florida as revenue in the Fine and Forfeiture Fund and can no longer be claimed.

Please check our website for unclaimed monies and spread the word by informing your friends and family so they can check to see if they have any unclaimed funds.

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