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County to Reimburse $788,878 for the Development of Class A Mixed-Use Building at Golden Gate City

In 2010, the Collier County Board of County Commissioners created Innovation Zones to promote economic development. In addition, the County  aimed to diversify businesses by encouraging targeted industries including corporate, cleantech, manufacturing, life sciences, security, information technology, aerospace, and more to construct, relocate, or expand their headquarters and manufacturing plants in these innovation zones.

Each zone has a designated trust fund and a set tax base, any property tax increase collected within that innovation zone is the generated revenue deposited into the trust fund annually. This revenue funds improvements to local infrastructure, supports capital campaigns, and may provide grants to attract new businesses. These zones may help open new job opportunities for Collier County residents specializing in a variety of fields. Overall, this project is intended to boost our county’s economy, highlight key sectors for growth, and improve the community’s livelihood.

Currently, there are three innovation zones in Collier County: Ave Maria Innovation Zone, Interchange Activity Center No. 9, and the latest Golden Gate City Economic Development Zone.

The Golden Gate City Economic Development Zone was approved in November 2018, covering the entire City of Golden Gate, in response to the call for redevelopment of commercial areas in Golden Gate City. It was stated in the Economic Development Plan that the trust fund may be utilized for infrastructure to attract new target businesses or the expansion of an already existing business in the city, payment of impact fees, building permit fees, or other County fees related to its construction. A seven-member advisory board was established to act as representatives of the residential, business, and commercial interests of the Golden Gate City Economic Development Zone.

Currently,  developer Matthew Pikus is constructing a Mixed-Use Development Headquarters facility within the Founders Plaza Planned Use Development (PUD) in the Golden Gate City Economic Development Zone called the CENTRO. Upon completion, CENTRO Golden Gate City is planned to provide 15,099 square feet of a combination of retail, offices and restaurant as follows:

  • Office Suite 201 2nd Floor – serve as the corporate/management offices for Pikus Realty and related real estate partnerships including PFPI OZ, LLC.
  • Golden Gate Executive Suites (Suite 202) – offices to 5 or 6 start-up businesses or sole proprietors.
  • Suite 203-205 – available for lease to small businesses in Golden Gate.
  • 1st Floor – available for lease to a full-service restaurant/bar operator and 2-5 specialty retail business.

On April 7, 2023, Pikus submitted an application to the board to be reimbursed a sum of $768,869.56 for connecting the site to County sewer service, paying County impact fees, and completing stormwater management improvements to the site. With the perceived economic benefits to Golden Gate City upon completion of the project, the County  approved the request  up to $788,878 relating to its actual costs incurred for sanitary sewer and drainage, impact fees and building permits.

It has been over 5 years since the Golden Gate City Economic Development Zone was formed and projects are moving forward. I am looking forward to seeing the completion of this project. I truly hope that this investment to improve public infrastructure and solidify workforce in the city spurs interest in the area.  Additional information about Collier County’s Economic Zones is available at collieredo.org.