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e-Recording Becomes More Accessible in Collier

eRecording Partners Network (EPN) has joined Collier’s list of third-party e-recording partners including ICE/Simplifile and Corporation Service Company (CSC). This will allow EPNs e-recording customers to easily submit electronic documents for e-recording in Collier’s Official Records.  Based on statistics from January 1, 2023 to May 18, 2023, 72% of all documents recorded in the Official Records are e-records (62% external, including third-party submitters; 10% courts).

Recording e-certify will provide quick, easy access for the public to purchase certified (or non-certified) copies of the Official Records from the Clerk’s website and have them immediately delivered electronically. 


Currently, customers options are limited to:

  1. Come in person to one of our office locations.
  2. Submit a request and a check or money order by mail and wait for the copies to be mailed.
  3. Pay additional fees and order a copy from the State’s website, MyFloridacounty.com, then wait for the copies to be mailed. For example, a 1-page document costs $3 for the document (same as in our office), plus services fees of $4.25, more for expedited shipping. 

E-certify will provide fast, low-cost, access to Collier’s Official Records from anywhere in the world, without costly service fees. There will  be a 4% credit card convenience fee on each transaction. For example, if a document costs $3, there is a $0.12 credit card usage fee which will bring your total to $3.12.

Our office is continuously working on improving our services and ensuring that important records and documents are accessible to our community. Please do not hesitate to send us your suggestions in enhancing our systems for the benefit of the public.