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Katerina Pelic Welcomed to the 2024 Associate Leadership Collier Program

My warmest congratulations to Senior Inspector Katerina Pelic of the Office of Inspector General for her admission to the 2024 Associate Leadership Collier Program. As an alum of Leadership Collier and co-founder of Youth Leadership Collier, I am proud to continue supporting the Leadership Collier Foundation’s mission. By engaging our workforce in Leadership programs like this, we empower them to become excellent leaders who will create a better future for the residents of Collier County

Ms. Pelic has been working with our office for more than five years, including one year in Finance/Accounts Payables and over four years in the Office of Inspector General (OIG). In her current role as Senior Inspector, she is responsible for the Contract Oversight Section, which conducts a range of assessments, inspections, and evaluations of public contracts, grants, programs, and procurements. The contract oversight is meant to support transparency and accountability in the County’s expenditure of monies, and to help detect and prevent fraud, waste, and abuse of public resources.

She is a member of the Institute of Internal Audit and the Association of Inspectors General professional organizations. Through the Association of Inspectors General, she holds two certifications as a Certified Inspector General Auditor and a Certified Inspector General Inspector/Evaluator. The Association of Inspectors General is a nonprofit membership organization for agencies and professionals in the inspector general community, whose goal is to promote excellence by establishing and encouraging adherence to quality standards to assist governmental entities in the fight against fraud, waste, and abuse. Ms. Pelic is also a Certified IDEA Data Analyst.

As an emerging leader, Ms. Pelic is passionate about addressing the issues Collier County residents face. “As responsible community members, we must recognize that the burden of finding solutions should not solely rest on the shoulders of policymakers or government agencies. Instead, it’s collaborative responsibility that demands engagement from citizens, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and local authorities alike,” said Katerina Pelic in her application.

Organized by the Leadership Collier Foundation (LCF), the Associate Leadership Collier Program invites professionals aged 21-40 with talent and immense leadership attributes within Collier County. Each year, the program has a competitive selection process with hundreds of applicants from different fields, organizations, and professions. The selection committee, comprised of Leadership Collier Foundation Alumni, carefully reviews each application and considers career, community involvement, and responses to essay questions provided during the online application.

The 2024 Associate Leadership Collier Program will run from February 13, 2024, until April 16, 2024. The program is comprised of 10 sessions, each dealing with various relevant themes such as education, government, health care, law enforcement, commerce, and more. For more information, visit leadershipcollier.org.

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