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Mobile E-Recording

Historically, electronic recording required computers and scanners, and was usually performed in an office environment. Now, the same service is available from your phone or tablet and can be performed anywhere, in your car, on the run between jobs, it’s up to you.

Mobile e-recording can be performed by anyone. Whether you have a business account with the Clerk and have been recording for years, or it’s your first time recording, mobile e-recording is the most convenient.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  • Sign-in to the Clerk’s Official Records site as a member of the public or use your registered business account.
  • Proceed to e-recording, add a batch/document by using your phone to take a picture of your document, and submit.
  • Pay for your document with a card and let the Clerk’s office do the rest. Documents are recorded in the order received.

It is as easy as placing an order from your favorite website – especially if your favorite website is CollierClerk.com!

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