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Form Information Link
Family Law Cover Sheet This form is required when filing a new family case. Click Here
Designation of E-Mail Address Not Represented By an Attorney Pursuant to Fla. R. Gen. Prac. & Jud. Admin. 2.516(b)(1)(D) prose or self-represented litigants are required to provide an email address in which they are a party. Click Here
Notice of Change of Address or E-Mail Address This form is required to keep the clerk’s office and any opposing party or parties notified of current mailing address or e-mail address. Click Here
Request To Be Excused from E-Mail Service This form is to be used for requests to be excused pursuant to Fla. R. Gen. Prac. & Jud. Admin. 2.516(b)(1)(D) from the requirements of e- mail service because you are not represented by an attorney, do not have an e-mail account, or do not have regular access to the internet. Click Here
Summons Use for personal service on an individual. Click Here
Petition for Adoption Information (Form 12.981(d)(1)) This form is used to request adoption information from the Court. Click Here
Joint Petition for Adoption by Stepparent (Form 12.981(b)(1)) This form is used when a stepparent is adopting his/her spouse’s child. Click Here
Stepparent Adoption: Consent and Waiver by Parent (Form 12.981(a)(1)) This form is used when a parent gives up all rights, custody of, and time-sharing with the minor child to be adopted. Click Here
Stepparent Adoption: Consent of Adoptee (Form 12.981(a)(2)) This form is completed and signed by the person being adopted, the adoptee. Click Here
Stepparent Adoption: Consent of Adult Adoptee’s Spouse This form must be completed by the spouse of an adult who is being adopted. Click Here
Motion for Search of the Putative Father Registry (Form 12.981(a)(6)) This form is used when a stepparent is adopting his or her spouse’s child. Click Here
Affidavit of Non-paternity (Form 12.981(a)(3)) This form is used by a stepfather who is adopting his wife’s minor child and the mother and father of the minor child(ren) was never married and paternity was not been established. Click Here
Stepparent Adoption: Affidavit of Diligent Search (Form 12.981(a)(4)) This form is used to obtain constructive service (also called service by publication) in a proceeding for stepparent adoption. Click Here
Indian Child Welfare Affidavit Act (Form 12.981(a)(5)) This form is used in cases involving the stepparent adoption of a child. Click Here
Vital Statistics Form This form is used for name change. Click Here


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