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How do I Change my Name?

Getting your name changed is a relatively simple procedure that may be done without hiring an attorney. It is important to note that if the name change is associated with a divorce or an adoption, it should be requested and may approved during those cases. You can fill out the required name change forms at the Clerk’s Self-Help Center on the 1st floor of the courthouse. You can also find the forms online at either Collierclerk.com or FLcourts.org. After you file the case at the Clerk’s office, you must get your fingerprints taken electronically for a State and national criminal history records check unless you are restoring a former name. Fingerprints are not required if you are restoring a former name. If you are getting your child’s name changed, you still must get your fingerprints taken electronically. The minor child does not need to be fingerprinted. Current information on where you can get your fingerprints taken electronically can be found on our website. An ORI number is required for the fingerprints, and can be obtained from our office.

When the criminal history is received by the clerk, they will notify the judicial assistant. If you are getting your name restored to a former name, the clerk will immediately notify the judicial assistant. The judicial assistant will notify you of the court date. The court date is typically set within 2 months from the time the clerk receives the criminal history. The Clerk of Court will report your name change to the Department of Health, Vital Statistics department if you were born in Florida. If you were born in another state, you will get a certified copy of the judgment to submit to your birth state. The cost to file a name change case is currently $400.

Your petition must show the following information that the judge will use in determining whether to grant the name change:

  • That you are a resident of Collier County.
  • Your date and place of birth.
  • Your father’s name and your mother’s maiden name.
  • Every place you have lived since birth.
  • If you are married, the name of your spouse.
  • If you have children, the names, and ages and where they reside.
  • If your name has been previously changed you must provide details of where, when and by what court.
  • Your occupation, where you are employed and where you have been employed for the last 5 years.
  • If you operate a business, you will need the name, place and length of time that you operated the business.
  • If you are in a profession, the type of profession and the places where you have practiced that profession and the corresponding dates of practice.
  • Your education, detailing your degrees, dates of graduation and schools attended.
  • Whether you have been generally known or called by any other names, and if so, what names and where.
  • If you have ever been adjudicated bankrupt and if so where and when.
  • If arrested, charged with, pled to, found to have committed a criminal offense and if so where and when.
  • If you have been required to register as a sexual predator or sexual offender.
  • Whether a money judgment has been entered against you, if so, name of creditors, amount, date, court and whether satisfied.
  • That the petition is filed for no ulterior or illegal purpose and granting it will not in any manner void the property rights of others.
  • That your civil rights have never been suspended or if they have been restored.

With the petition, you must file a Cover Sheet for Family Court Cases, a Notice of Related Cases, and a Designation of Current Address and E-mail Address. In addition, the Clerk’s office has an information sheet that gives the necessary information to report the name change to the Office of Vital Statistics. These forms can be found on the Clerk’s website at CollierClerk.com, on the state website, FLcourts.gov or at our self-help center located in the main courthouse.  In 2023, we had 181 name change cases filed.

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