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Implementation of New Jury Management System to Improve Juror Process, Efficiency, and Reporting in Collier County

Sample of Jury Summons that is mailed to potential jurors.

Our office is pleased to announce the implementation of the new jury management system for the Collier County Courthouse. With this high-tech management system, the jury selection process will be streamlined to save time for potential jurors in responding to a summons and automate the overall process for the convenience of jurors, judges, and attorneys.  

In 2022, 58,800 Collier County residents received a summons to provide their service as potential members of the jury. Many who receive a summons might have felt dread the first time they received their summons. The importance of your service cannot be overstated. Juror service is the cornerstone of our court system and we need you! To make this process easier for you, we have been working to implement a new high-tech jury management system. With online access, email notifications and text alerts, as well as a paperless check-in system, we hope to streamline your service.   

Upon receiving a jury summons, potential jurors are directed to visit the jury response website at jury.collierclerk.com. They will be required to provide an email address and phone number and complete the online juror questionnaire.  Upon completion of the questionnaire, individuals will be verified as qualified or not on the website. Our staff will have real-time data available to establish the jury pool.  Once qualified, potential jurors can opt-in to receive updates about reporting instructions through email and text alerts. Jurors may also submit a request for statutory excusal, disqualification, or deferral from the jury response website, or by using the automated jury phone. While these requests are possible, we still highly encourage everyone to participate. For every excusal, the pool is reduced which increases the likelihood that others will be called more often for jury duty. We will try to make the experience as painless as possible and appreciate your service. Approval of the request is upon discretion of the judge after a thorough evaluation. 

With the new jury management system, potential jurors can register to receive text and email alerts for their summons.

This new digital management system incorporates a more up-to-date jury pool selection plan that has been approved by the State Supreme Court. This updated pool selection uses one of the  most cryptographically strong random number generators available. The new system can initially evaluate the eligibility of potential jurors and maintains an up-to-date juror status. 

Potential jurors who respond and complete the juror questionnaire online prior to reporting will be able to check-in by scanning their juror summons through kiosks when arriving at the courthouse jury room, reducing overall waiting and processing time. Smart devices will be provided for use by those who have not completed their questionnaire ahead of time. Digital profiles will be sent to the Judge, attorneys, and clerks to continue the juror seating.   

With this new website application and system, our office will be able to monitor juror response activity in real-time, showing how many people have confirmed participation, applied for excusal, or have not shown any activity on the website or telephone. Through this automated process, we will have greater control of the juror process and minimize the inconvenience of those summoned. We hope to minimize the number of jurors called to achieve the number of jurors needed through this automation.   

Modernizing the jury selection system by using relevant technologies is a necessary step to improve services as the community becomes more digital. Potential jurors can access the Jury Response Website 24/7 to complete the questionnaire, view juror instructions and/or submit a request for excusal, disqualification, or deferral. For more information about the jury selection process, visit Collierclerk.com.  

When potential jurors arrive, they can skip the line by scanning in to the waiting area.


For potential jurors that haven’t completed their questionnaire, smart devices will be setup and waiting in the juror waiting room.