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Internship Opportunities at the Clerk’s Office

As one of the founders of Youth Leadership Collier, I have always been committed to expanding the knowledge of our youth, especially in the valuable role that local government plays our community. Whenever there is an opportunity to provide students with exposure to local government, specifically with the Clerk’s Office, I always welcome those opportunities.  

I am pleased that the Clerk’s Office has partnered with Ave Maria Law to provide internships for six law students. During their internship with the Courts Division, these future lawyers will have an opportunity to get hands-on experiences and first-hand knowledge of the varied critical work that the Courts Division provides the community and exposure to the judicial system.  These students will have an opportunity to:

  • Attend court proceedings
  • Conduct legal research
  • See the inner working of the Courts Division by working through the processing, indexing, and preparation of documents to be viewed by judicial officers and the public,
  • Assist in the self-help resources center, domestic violence, and jury management
  • Network with staff of the Judiciary, lawyers, court officials, and other agencies in the legal system

I wish all these talented students well during their time interning with the Clerk’s Office and hope that they have a rich and rewarding experience!

If you or someone that you know is looking for an internship opportunity, the Clerk’s Office is an interesting place to discover rewarding opportunities for a career in the public sector. Unpaid internship opportunities are offered year-round for post-graduate, college, and high school students across all of our divisions.  We can provide internships in law, accounting, information technology, finance, and management. For our high school interns, this opportunity will allow them to earn community service credits, which can be applied towards Florida Bright Futures or other scholarships. Our internship program is designed for flexibility. For most of the opportunities we can work with student’s schedules. The primary hours of the Clerk’s Office are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Flexible schedules are available during these core hours.

To apply for an internship opportunity with the Clerk’s Office that provides hands-on experience that can be added to your professional resume or to your college application, please visit the career page on www.collierclerk.com to submit an internship application.