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New, Modern Official Records Web Page

On July 13th, we published a new, modern Official Records web page on the collierclerk.com website.  This new page expands the public’s ability to search the Official Records for important documents pertaining to their property and personal lives.  The site was first tested by several of our “super users,” and I want to thank them for their proposed changes. Many of the new features are listed below:

  • Modern user interface   
  • Expanded search capabilities including multiple parties in the same document
  • Search results may be sorted, filtered, and rearranged to fit needs
  • Export a list of search results in standard Microsoft Excel format
  • Parcel ID added to deeds allows convenient cross referencing with the Property Appraiser’s data
  • Perform text searches in selected documents using OCR functionality
  • Mobile friendly.  The site was designed to work on various types of computing devices including mobile phones.

The new Official Records search is available now on our website.  The legacy Official Records search will continue to be available for a minimum of 30 days to provide a smooth transition for the public. Please let us know if there are any additional improvements that might be helpful.