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Register for Free Anti-Fraud Risk Alert Notification Program


According to a report from the Federal Trade Commission, they received more than 2.8 Million fraud reports in 2021 with approximately $5.8 Billion worth of loss. $2.3 Billion of this were lost to identity scams, a 92% increase from the $1.2 Billion loss reported in 2020. Fraud and identity scams are critical issues that many consumers have been facing in recent years.  

As the Clerk of the Circuit Courts and Comptroller of Collier County, it is my job to ensure the safety of our people’s taxes and public records and introduce precautionary measures to fight against fraud. I was recently invited to speak at the Pelican Bay Property Owners Association’s “Listen & Learn” event to share my roles and responsibilities as the Clerk, available services in the Clerk’s office, the Self-Help Center, and the Risk-Alert Notification Program to their residents.  

The Risk Alert Notification Program is our office’s free anti-fraud program that allows registered users to easily monitor their property records and report suspicious activities that may lead to fraud. To register, visit collierclerk.com/risk-alert-enrollment/ and enter your email address to receive an email from the “Collier Clerk of Courts: Risk Alert” account that will include a link where you can complete your registration by adding party names and Official Records that you want to monitor. Once done with the registration, you will receive an email notification every time a new document is recorded that matches your selected criteria.  

I am encouraging everyone to enroll in our program, it is completely free and is valid for up to three years. Reminder emails will be sent prior to the account expiration so that you have enough time to renew. With this program, we hope to combat fraudulent activities and safeguard our community.