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Speaking Dates Available this Spring

With the influx of new residents, I am excited to get to know more of our community members! We are currently scheduling dates for presentations through 2023. Presentations can be as brief as 15-20 minute overviews or more in-depth educational programs for homeowners associations, civic organizations, and professional trade associations. 

Potential topics might include:  

  • New Resident Orientation - If your community has a lot of new residents (people who recently moved to the area), I can provide an overview of Collier County’s Government Structure. I can add information about the role of the Board of County Commissioners, School Board, and Constitutional Officers.   
  • The Future of Collier County - If the audience is already well established in the community, I can talk about the Growth of Buildings and Infrastructure and how Collier County pays for growth. Additionally, I can talk about protection measures to prevent vendor fraud, real estate fraud, etc.   
  • Collier County’s Centennial Celebration – I have great interest in our community’s history and would love to share some of the stories from our founders that make Collier County unique. I can share stories about the Board of County Commissioners, law enforcement, the courts, and the Clerk’s office.  We can also team up with other speakers to broaden topics.

Organizations are welcome to request other topics that are not listed above, if I’m not the expert or need more information, we can work with other departments to bring you what you are interested in learning. I am excited to engage with more members of the Collier County community through this speaker outreach. My ultimate goal is that everyone in Collier County uses our information to their benefit! The roles and responsibilities of the Clerk’s office are very diverse. We provide essential services that I’d like people to know about and use. Interested HOAs and organizations, please contact cyndee.woolley@collierclerk.com for inquiries and to check for my availability on your preferred date and time. I am available for early breakfast or late homeowners meetings, just let us know when you have an event!