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Short vs. Long Form Death Certificates

Our recording office is responsible for recorded death certificates. We record death certificates from all states and occasionally even other countries if they are fully translated. They may be recorded as standalone document or attached to another document for tax, estate, or probate purposes, or to support transference of deeds or trusts.

The State of Florida provides two forms of death certificates. The long form shows the cause of death for vital statistics and perhaps family medical history. The short form excludes that section, and while we record long forms from all other states, the statute states only a Florida short-form death certificate may be put into the public record in this state.  Social security numbers are redacted, and death certificates are sensitively handled. While the Clerk’s office records death certificates, our staff does not provide certified copies of death certificates. Citizens requiring a certified copy of the death certificate should reach out to the Florida Department of Health through collier.floridahealth.gov.