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Keith Aversa
Director of Human Resources
Administration Department

3315 Tamiami Trail East, Ste. 102
Naples, FL 34112-5324
Phone: (239) 252-2761
Email: Human Resources



Our Divisions

CourtsFinanceInformation TechnologyInspector GeneralRecording & Records

Collier Courthouse Entrance

The Court Division is a vital part of the local court system, maintaining the Criminal, Civil, Traffic, Probate, Domestic Violence, Mental Health, Family and Juvenile case types. The Clerk’s staff perform critical support to the courts by opening court cases, maintaining court records, collecting statutory related court fees, and serves as the official record keeper in the courtroom.

The court staff work in tandem with the judiciary, lawyers, law enforcement, court officials, and other agencies in the legal system to ensure that the essential work of the Judicial system is carried out.

In support of the Clerk’s mission to provides superior service to the public, the Courts Division processes millions of dollars in court payments annually and receives thousands of documents to be filed. Staff processes, indexes, and prepares these documents to be viewed by judicial officers and the public.

The responsibilities of a court staff can vary greatly depending on the position assigned. The duties of court staff can include some or all of the following: attending court proceedings, providing quality customer service, assisting in self-help center, domestic violence, jury management, and conducting foreclosure auctions.

The Court Division offers a fast-paced work environment that encourages staff to participate in the Divisions robust learning catalog, which increases staff’s ability to advance within the Division.

financial aid

To accomplish the Clerk’s Office core mission of serving the citizens of Collier County, the Finance Division is responsible for providing clear, concise, and transparent information regarding the revenue and spending of the County. The Division establishes and maintains internal controls to provide reasonable assurance regarding the safeguarding of county assets against loss from unauthorized use or disposition, while vetting the reliability of financial records. Reliable financial records are essential in the preparation of financial statements and to maintain accountability of county assets. The critical work of safeguarding tax-payers funds is performed by a group of highly skilled finance and accounting professionals.

The Finance Division offers a challenging work environment with learning and growth opportunities.

information technology

The Clerk’s Information Technology (CIT) Department is the backbone of the Clerk’s office, leverages information technologies to maximize efficiencies in the Clerk’s office and the county as well. The CIT department provides a robust and secure infrastructure to our core systems, employees, Judiciary, county, and other inter-connected governmental agencies as well as providing web-based service to the public.

The CIT Department supports the many diverse operations of the Clerk’s office including those functions provided by the Clerk in her capacity as Chief Financial Officer, County Auditor and Ex-Officio Clerk for the Board of County Commissioners. CIT is responsible for support and maintenance of applications, production and operations, user support and training, hardware and software, network operations, and maintenance and security for all Clerk departments. The SAP system is one of the systems with the largest number of active users. SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite with modules for accounts payable, fixed assets, general ledger, project accounting, accounts receivable, purchasing and receiving to maximize efficiency. Additionally, this system supports both the human resources and payroll systems for the Board of County Commissioners, Supervisor of Elections, and the Clerk of the Circuit Court. A recent upgrade has modernized the application and a major project is underway to automate Time & Attendance data capture as well as provide direct employee self-service to further increase efficiencies.

The CIT Department supports the Clerk’s Official Records Department using an application called COR. This system includes an image repository and citizen web interface for all recorded documents within the county. In addition to the Official Records, as the County Recorder our office is required to maintain copies of each year’s Tax Rolls produced by the Collier County Tax Collector’s office. In our drive to move historical records to digital format, the Official Records since the founding of Collier County (100 years) were digitized in 2023 creating some 50 million additional new images that can now be viewed on the web or on locally available kiosk computers in our office.

The CIT Department also supports the Minutes area using an Enterprise Content Management system permitting full text search and retrieval system for documenting Board of County Commissioners meetings. Additionally, supporting the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) using AXIA, a system used widely across Florida for the filing of petitions for value adjustment, scheduling of hearings, and document management all the through process until final decisions.

To summaries, CIT has a group of IT professionals who performs many vital functions to ensure the Clerk’s Office, the County and other agencies, and the public we serve has safe, reliable access to our various systems and data.  Examples of the different tasks performed daily are:

  • Maintain IT infrastructure
    • Helping new users with hardware and software issues
    • Employee security training
    • Implementing software updates and assessing potential threats
    • IT procurement. License renewal, maintenance renewals and ensuring compliance
    • Data Center & Server management
    • Backups
    • Disaster Recovery Site preparation & testing
    • Internet Service provider management
  • Security & Compliance:
    • Security awareness training.
    • Patch and version management.
    • Access control, including multi-factor, physical control, data security, integrity, confidentiality, Firewall management and internal segmentation to mitigate risk.
  • Network Administration, monitoring, securing, and servicing
  • Application Support
  • Help Desk Support (internal & external customers)
  • Asset Management

inspector general

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is subdivided into an Audit Services Unit (encompassing internal auditing and consulting), and a Public Integrity Unit (which performs investigations, contract oversight, and guardianship audit and investigation activities).

Our Audit Services Unit continually assesses the risks throughout the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) and Clerk operations.  Our audit team develops an Annual Risk Assessment, which yields a Work Plan to audit, and test select processes and controls.  This proactive planning results in independent, objective audits of BCC and Clerk functions.

The work of our Public Integrity Unit is in response to complaints, contractual or program activities of the BCC and Clerk entities, and guardianship filings.

  • The Investigations Section conducts administrative investigations into BCC and Clerk affairs as necessary. The objective is to determine whether allegations of fraud, waste, abuse, and ethical misconduct can be substantiated.
  • The Contract Oversight Section conducts varying levels of assessments, inspections and evaluations of our public contracts, grants, programs, and procurements. This section supports the overall mission of the OIG through the real-time monitoring of selected County contracting and program activities.
  • The Guardianship Section conducts assessments, audits and financial investigations of Guardianship proceedings as required by Florida Statutes.

Report suspected fraud or wrongdoing 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, in English or Spanish by calling our confidential hotline at 844-ClerkIG, or call us locally during business hours at 239-252-8412.  You can also report fraud at CollierClerk.com/Report Fraud.

recording and records

Have you ever bought a house, or remodeled your house, or are you married? You may not have realized it, but you have interacted with staff from the Clerk’s Recording Division . The staff of the Recording Division is responsible for recording all official records in Collier County. Official records consist of liens, plats, certificates of title, mortgages, lis pendens, marriage licenses, deeds, judgements, death certificates, military discharges and much more. As keepers of all documents filed in Collier County, the Division maintains historical documents filed with Collier County dating back to the 1870s. 

Additionally, staff of the Recording Division assists the public with information on land, subdivision plats, and other recorded instruments, issue marriage licenses and performs marriage ceremonies, and serves as an official passport acceptance agent for the U.S. Department of State. 

Following the mission of the Clerk to make the agencies services more accessible, the Recording Division staffs multiple satellite offices in convenient locations throughout the county to extend the availability of services offered to the residence of Collier County.

The Recording Division offers a rewarding environment that is at the heart of the mission of the Clerk’s Office, provide exceptional service to the community that we serve.